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How is it possible to feel so far and close yet not know how you feel I can't be angry though because the thought of you always makes me smile. You brighten the darkest days and help me climb out the deepest graves and I feel so useless when you talk because all I can say is I don't know or it has never happened to me. I guess my only wish is that I can hold you forever while we lay in bed through the day, I love your company and dread the moment you leave sometimes I wish I can just freeze time so we can be together and not worry about it but till that day I'm just happy that I met you.
Again I'm the one left out all alone in a party a couple and even in my own home I can't go ghost cuz I ain't got a room. So there I sit with my head up eyes closed and though i do not see the sounds paint a great picture so I fake a asleep yet dream of you and every time I open an eye all I see is the distance. It may be a punishment but when will it end, there is none in sight because the closer I try to get the faster you run in the other direction and all of this pain I can barely disguise so it's starting to seep through but for now that's enough about me. Let's talk about you


United States
I just like to write whatever is on my mind, and heart so enjoy
The look in your eyes is like that of a midnight sky, with the light off is when we see each other best the feeling in my chest I can no longer I can no longer repress confined in time till i write this silly little rhyme just trying to kill time but thinking of you I can’t help but wish it stop yet can’t wil it so to and fro the grandfather clock swings and singles mingle and i’m stuck in the middle why can’t this be simple such an elaborate line cannot get this message across and as society believes something grandiose is needed to prove what some believe to be love but why not just a hug, the sweet embrace of the one who holds your heart why a ring picked by men for less than minimum wage I mean they are all just words on a page so who is insane?

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